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Some frequently asked questions about DIA 4.0: 


Have a question? Ask away to have it added to the list. (Maybe.)




Will CE credits be awarded?

Yes. Continuing Education will be awarded during the conference through CEZoom. More info on how to get signed up and prepared to claim those credits will be posted in the weeks before the conference.


Who is speaking at DIA?

You can find the list and the most current agenda here.


Do I have to have social media to attend? 

Our motto is "Everybody is an Influencer." So no! Many of our attendees don't even use social media. But you should consider getting some accounts (we love Instagram). They're great tools to connect with the dental community, ask questions, etc. And when you do get one, follow us on Instagram (@influencedentistry) for updates surrounding DIA 4.0


What is the format of DIA 4.0?

While we've had breakout sessions in the past, DIA 4.0 will be a 1-stage format. No more #FOMO on what is going on in the other room or trying to split time between speakers. 

Looking for Sponsorship info?

Let's work together. Sponsorship info and questions can be directed to

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